Always Beside You

The overarching goal of Southern Cross Service Dogs is to provide well-trained dogs that exemplify the motto Always Beside You. Service dogs bestow unconditional love, offer steadfast support, provide unwavering companionship, and perform specific tasks to help mitigate an individual’s disability. Thus, service dogs become the bedrock for veterans to cope with post-combat challenges, re-engage in the community, manage emotional trauma, and reduce post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptomology.

Team Up for Change

Southern Cross was founded because demand for service dogs in the community far exceeds supply.

Many disabled veterans are left without a life changing companion due to long waitlists and the high cost of a service dog. By partnering with other organizations such as Summit Assistance Dogs and K9 Partners for Patriots, Southern Cross is keenly aware of what it takes to move forward with its goal to provide highly trained service dogs at no cost to qualified veterans with disabilities.
Without dedicated space, Southern Cross is unable to train substantial numbers of service dogs. To make an impact in our community and increase the number of services dogs available, Southern Cross has begun a capital campaign to cover expenses, hire additional staff, and build a campus for the program. The campus will include a state-of-the-art training facility along with a welcoming, therapeutic lodge for use during on-site training.

Ready to Help?